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            Chinese Taipei's participation in APEC meeting must comply with relevant MOU, customary practice: spokesperson

            2020-09-26 09:22:55Xinhua Editor : Gu Liping ECNS App Download

            Chinese Taipei must comply with relevant Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) memorandum of understanding and customary practice if it is to send a delegation to the upcoming APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting no matter what form the meeting may take, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Friday. 

            "This is a key political precondition for the region's participation in APEC," spokesperson Wang Wenbin told a daily press briefing while responding to current Taiwan administration's attempt to strive for Tsai Ing-wen's participation in the meeting, which will be held virtually. 

            "Chinese Taipei participates in APEC in the capacity of regional economy under the one-China principle," Wang said. 

            "Our position on this issue is clear and firm. No one shall harbor any illusions. It is completely futile for Taiwan authorities to attempt to take advantage of the occasion to maneuver a 'breakthrough'," he added.


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